Machine Safety

Investing in safety protects your employees and reduces your liability, potentially saving millions, and safeguarding your company reputation.



Modern, systems-based, comprehensive safety integration helps companies reduce their risk and liability.

  • Prevent employee injuries and accidents
  • Decrease shutdowns
  • Institute faster and less frequent line startups
  • Incur fewer fines
  • Reduce legal, settlement and insurance costs
  • Protect and enhance their reputation and brand


However, in spite of these important benefits, there are significant issues to be considered. Companies need to be able to find suppliers they can trust and that can handle all necessary aspects of a job - such as Automation Solutions of America.

  • Safety integration usually requires an initial financial investment, even though it's a fraction of the savings.
  • The entire company -- from the president to the loading dock -- must have an unshakeable commitment to safety integration.
  • Some safety practices slow down the line. If an employee's compensation is tied to the number of units processed within a certain time frame, that measurement may need to be adjusted for safety.
  • Your company may have older equipment they can't afford to replace.
  • Many companies have both old and new equipment that don't meet ANSI, RIA, NFPA, NEC, CSA, EN, IEC, and ISO standards – and they may not know it.
  • You may need to locate and install new equipment that meets safety standards and can be integrated into the line.


ASA has the capacity and expertise to provide companies with customized turnkey safety integration.
Our experienced staff:

  • Conducts initial risk assessments and safety analyses
  • Recommends changes and remediation
  • Sources and/or retrofits equipment to meet safety standards and increase productivity
  • Qualifies local contractors
  • Supervises installation
  • Handles all engineering and integration tasks
  • Trains employees
  • Tests systems and verifies standards