Control Panels

Certified control panels are key for safe and efficient production lines



UL508A establishes nationally recognized standards of minimum requirements to ensure safe installation and inspection of industrial control panels and related equipment.


There are many things to consider when designing a safe, reliable control panel. ASA's experienced team is capable of designing and building virtually any size control panel from our UL508A certified facilities.

  • Proper wire sizing and short circuit protection
  • SCCR rating calculation and labeling
  • Adequate ventilation or cooling
  • Proper power supply and transformer sizing
  • Intrinsically safe/ hazardous locations panel components
  • Environmental ratings for devices mounted to the outside of the enclosure
  • Overload protection
  • Separation of conductors for different voltages


"We have a design team at our disposal and a staff of 50-60 electrical engineers. When you have a problem, we don't just tell you what you should do, but we have a support team that diagnose the issue and provide multiple options."   — Chad Sullivan, Shop Manager

UL Certifications

  • United States and Canada
  • UL508A Industrial Control Panels
  • UL698A Hazardous Locations